The Best 36+ holes Golf Resorts in Europe

Recently we launched the Best Golf Resorts in Europe in 2022 rankings. Quite a few people asked us if it would be possible to list just the golf resorts with at least two championship courses. So here you go, these are the Best 36+ holes Golf Resorts in Europe.

Why? Well, if you stay at a golf resort with more courses or multiple loops you don’t have to look any further where to golf. You can just stay at the resort, relax and play golf whenever you like.

This ranking of Best Golf Resorts with at least 36 holes is a subset of the already published ranking of Best Golf Resorts in Europe in 2022. We hope it helps golfers decide where to go if they do not want to travel a lot but just want to play golf in one place.

Best Golf Resorts with 36 or more holes

Please note that we only list ‘golf resorts’ and not golf courses with ‘just a hotel’. A resort in this top list needs to have at least 36 holes, the holes of a pitch & putt course are not taken into account. Based on just the number of holes and so the variety of choice at the resort, The Gleneagles Hotel and Costa Navarino are the best places to go to.

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