How A Muffin Tin Can Improve Your Golf Game

Any golfer will tell you that a lot of confusion can stem from not being able to identify your ball on the course. When two balls fall near to the hole but also near to each other, the debate over which player made which shot can get quite uncomfortable. This kind of awkward situation can take a lot of the fun out of this otherwise soothing sport, and can negatively affect your ability to play well. 

During an argument, your muscles naturally tense in order to prepare you for the possibility of a physical attack. This response is meant to protect you in a high stakes life or death situation. But in a low stakes situation like a game of golf your body’s natural defense mode can sabotage your game by keeping you all wound up, when what you really need on the course is to stay calm. Golfing experts agree that one of the keys to a perfect shot is relaxing your muscles so you can achieve your maximum range of mobility and greatest efficiency of movement. To keep play moving swiftly without being halted by snafus, to keep your cool and avoid heated arguments, and to keep yourself relaxed in order to achieve your best game, it is a good idea to make your golf balls unique. 

By making your golf balls stand out from the ones owned by other players on the course, you can take a big step towards being a better and happier golfer because you will be minimizing one of those hassles of the game. 

Some people purchase monogrammed balls, which is a smart way to make sure your golf balls can’t be mistaken for anybody else’s on the course. Other people buy golf balls as souvenirs on their trips to unique places, and doing this all but guarantees that your ball will stand out. However, both of these options can be quite costly. And, every golfer knows that balls get lost easily and often, which makes expensive golf balls quite a luxury. Most amateur golfers balk at spending a lot of money on golf balls that will inevitably disappear into water traps or get lost in the rough at the edge of the course. 

For an inexpensive and simple alternative to buying pricey monogrammed or souvenir golf ball, you can mark your balls at home. First, get a small muffin tin and place one golf ball in each of the indentations. This will keep the balls from rolling into each other while they are drying. Then, take a permanent marker and mark the top of each ball. You can write your initials; or use a simple symbol like a star, a square, or even a large dot. Leave the tin and the balls in place for a few hours so the ink can set, and then get ready to hit the course. The next time that you need to know if a ball is yours, all that you will have to do is look at it and then move on with no hassle, and without any of the tension that can sabotage your game.

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