Golf With Your Mind

Golf is the only game involving a ball that doesn’t use a fixed playing area; this sport (or game, like someone prefer to claim) is described in the Rules of Golf: “playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules”.

Golf is not typically thought like a exhausting or physically challenging sport, often compared with sports like football or basketball. Golf is supposed to be a mind-game more than anything, and this is probably the most interesting feature in the game, as in the “swing”, the personal stroke of each golf player, you can say that golf is “90 percent walking, 9 percent talking, and 1 percent swinging, the other half is mental”.

Golf Courses, environmental problems and extreme golf

The international need for more golf courses is regular, as this game continues to raise in its popularity in all countries; 2 years ago there were nearly 32,000 courses in all the world, about half of them only in USA. This request for travel, leisure and business travels, which is based around golf areas and golf courses has led to the growth of a great number of luxury resorts to be able to pamper golfers with integrated golf-courses. Modern 18-hole courses are wide as much as 150 acres of ground, but the standard older golf course is about an half, 75 acres.

Some organizations continue to be in opposition to golf courses for ecological reasons, as they obstruct passages for migrating animals and other wildlife; some players decided to play, for such a reason, “Extreme golf” – a golf typically played on environmentally sustainable golf courses alternatives to traditional ones.

Golf Swing – the real inside jewel of each golf player

The mechanism of nowadays swing, as you can see on TV employed by Tiger Woods and the great part of his colleagues, is something against the Greek ideals about sports, that body parts must act in unison to maintain grace and strength; but golf is someway asymmetric and unnatural.

Unnatural and pleasing: the best thing about golf is that you have to relax or you’ll compromise your sport movements. And you can relax immersed in beautiful nature landscapes.

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