A More Consistent And More Accurate Swing

When I get my golf club in my hand, I feel like knocking the cover right off the ball.  It makes me feel great when I hit the ball using all of my strength.  Just being able to hit the ball hard does not mean that I play a good golf game though. If you just want to relieve a little stress go ahead, by all means but this is better left to the driving range. If you want to play a good game of golf, you need to hold back on the power a little. One of the biggest mistakes that golfers’ make is to swing their golf club too hard. This shows that you have power, but you need accuracy to play a good game of golf.  

Tensing up can cause you to use too much effort. When you are swinging your golf club, you just need to relax and swing easily. This will help to reduce your power. Putting your feet closer together will also help reduce the strength of your swing. You should only use the amount of power that you are able to control.  Accuracy, not power is the key to playing a good game. Distance will come from a clean, correct swing, not by how much power you put into your swing. Tensing up when you are swinging your golf club will throw your balance off causing an inaccurate shot.   Your club head should travel in a straight line with the ball. A smooth consistent swing with very little effort should be your goal.  If the ball is hit correctly it will feel smooth and easy.    

Your center of gravity is very important. You need a stable center of gravity that stays consistent. You can accomplish this by keeping your head still and both of your feet in the same position throughout your swing. You have to keep your feet planted firmly so that your weight is concentrated in your feet when you make contact with the ball.  This will make your center of gravity more stable. Focus on the ball and try not to jerk your body or move your head while swinging your club. This will throw your center of gravity off, causing a bad swing and an inaccurate shot.

A tip to help correct slicing is to see how centered you can hit the ball with your club and how low you can keep the ball.  If the ball flies too high, it can get caught up in the wind and can go left or right on rough ground.  

After you master a smooth, more consistent and more accurate swing you may gradually want to increase your speed.

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